Teaching with the Brain in Mind

At Bossier Martial Arts and Fitness we do things a bit differently than many traditional schools.

Our focus is teaching with the brain in mind!

All of our classes focus on generating what we call D.O.S.E.: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins via our age specific Martial Arts classes, not simply teaching kicks, punches, and character.

Each of these chemicals will play a major role in your child’s development, so if you’re looking for great role models, a rewarding environment, a gratifying experience, and amazing physical activity, our classes are perfect for creating a positive socially stimulating environment.

Our understanding of how to trigger the release of these “feel good” chemicals helps us overcome many of the challenges we see with children these days, and with that education, we can coach them to be the best version of themselves!

Join Us Here In Bossier City For The Best Martial Arts Training In Town!

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