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We at Bossier Martial Arts and Fitness are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality Martial Arts available! With over 75 years of combined experience in the Martial Arts, we are able to provide instruction for any level and bring the best out of each student!

There are many reasons that individuals want to participate in Martial arts! Whether you are wanting self-defense, discipline for your child, self-esteem, or just to get in shape, we can definitely help you reach your goals! And best of all, it’s A LOT OF FUN!!!

All of our classes are age specific and our teaching methods are designed to bring out the best in each person! Our instructors are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you or your child has the best experience possible!

If you are interested in taking the next steps toward your goal, ask for more information and we will be glad to speak with you!

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Phenomenal Tae Kwon Do program from toddlers to adults. Character qualities are included as part of the training. I love the way they break down the skills into areas of discipline like agility, perseverance, flexibility. They set students up for success. Bossier Martial Arts Academy offers a variety of classes but also extra days of competition and fun. This is a well-rounded organization that shows love and care for the students, as well as excellent training. Highly recommended.

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Cheryl Wainwright Floyd

My two boys have been attending Bossier Martial Arts Academy for almost a year now. I can't even think of the right words to describe how wonderful this place is! My boys love it here, and I love the family-friendly atmosphere. Mrs. Fran and all of the other employees are so professional and caring. They want to see your children succeed. They are passionate about what they do, and it shows! Give them a try. You will not be disappointed!

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Stephanie Antillon

Our son was in a different Taekwondo Academy before we moved to Louisiana and have seen a couple of different schools. Bossier Martial Arts is, bar none, the terrific place I've ever come across. Enrolling my son with Bossier Martial Arts Academy was the BEST decision I have ever made for him. Very organized and structured, patience and so understanding. All the staffs are friendly also!

I highly recommend it for anyone of any age! Mrs. Fran and staff are the BEST!

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Chi Chreene

5 Stars is not enough for Bossier Martial Arts!!! They are amazing!! I have a child with special needs and they have gone above and beyond to make it work for him to be able to participate! He has improved in so many areas in HUGE ways very quickly when years of "therapy" could not bring the same results! He has done things we thought he might never do! The program they use is wonderful and there is some variety and the ability to go 4 days a week if we can makes it even better! I love how much they care about him and his progress individually! He is not just part of a group to them that they are teaching everyone and expecting everyone to do the same thing the same way! I can't express enough how wonderful they are and what a miracle my son's progress has been through there loving guidance!

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Tami Sisemore

We absolutely love Bossier Martial Arts Academy!!! The owners and staff truly care about their students. We have 2 children attending, and the confidence they have gained has been amazing. The Skillz program is wonderful and we love seeing the improvements and growth of our little ninjas!!! We HIGHLY recommend Bossier Martial Arts Academy to anyone looking for an incredible place to teach your children martial arts.

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Brandy Hernandez

Excellent program for baby's through teens and they also offer a great kickbox workout class for moms! My kids love it. The instructors are fantastic and very engaging with all the students!

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Keshia Call

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